There is always the opportunity to invent something that hasn’t been done before! For example, if you want to arrange a party or perhaps want to create a club or even make a joint trip abroad. Then it is entirely possible as long as you want and can take responsibility for taking it to the finish line. How-to?

Booking of premises

As a member of the Aerospace Chapter, you can book TC if you need a venue to host a event in. You book the venue by contacting the Head of Chapter Hall with date and times for when the event will be held. The Head of Chapter Hall will then check the schedule and come back with whether it’s already booked or not. Together with this you will get the information you need to manage the premises according to the guidelines that we follow. You can contact the Head of Chapter Hall through the following e-mail address: or by contacting him/her if you meet each others at TC.

For more information around booking the premises, please check out the Head of Chapter’s page here.

Bar and Liquor Sales

For some events, you may want to have the bar open for liquor sales. In these cases, it is required that you make a party registration through Head of the Bar. To make a party registration, you first need to book the venue and find a “Party and City”-trained member of KFK who is willing to be responsible for the bar during the event. With that done, you contact the Heads of the Bar, who then can make a party registration.

NOTE: 3 days notice period is required! You can get information about who has the “Party and City” education at KFK from the Heads of the Bar.

In event of Gasque

If you’re planning to host an Gasque its recommended to talk with the Toast Masters. These are experienced in how to make an Gasque epic and memorable. Try to include them when selecting the date to ensure that they can participate and elevate the Gasque!

Events with other Chapters

If your event is together with another chapter, you’re recommended to talk with the Chairman or other members of the Board so that proper relations between the Chapters are upheld!

Project fund

This fund is aimed to enable new events that at this moment aren’t budgeted in the Aerospace Chapters Detail Budget. And through this elevate the Aerospace Chapters members well-being and innovation skills within the Chapter.

Rules to get funded by the Project fund

  • The event must be open for all members of the Aerospace Chapter
  • The funds aren’t allowed to go to alcoholic beverages
  • The funds should get used in a manner that creates benefits for the members
  • The application must get received and processed before the event has taken place
  • The ones responsible are members of the Aerospace Chapter
  • The project isn’t covered within the framework for an existing part of the organisation

Information we need from the applicants

  • Motivation about why you should get granted funds
  • What the funds are going to, in form of an detailed budget
  • How much funds you’re applying for
  • What benefits you will create for the members

Information is sent via e-mail to