Business Relations Unit Officials (FARMEN) is the Aerospace Chapter’s labor market unit. We take contact with businesses and are the connection between the chapter and the working life.

To engage in Business Relations Unit Officials means that you will be able to contact businesses and/or plan, and go through with, various events together with representatives from the businesses. This is, as you might understand, a smart move for your career as you get the opportunity to get to know companies at a deeper level.

When businesses recruit engineers it is rare that the applicant’s grades play a particularly important role, instead they like when the person has shown engagement outside of studies.  Business Relations Unit Officials is a good example of such an engagement, especially since you, in person, have the opportunity to show the business that you are committed and driven.

The person responsible for the organisation is the Head of Business Relations, in Swedish ARMA. There is also a Vice Head of Business Relations that we in Swedish call VARM. Business Relations Unit Officials also consist of three sub-groups, these are Corporate Relations, The Eventgroup of the Business Relations Unit Officials as well as Marketing. The Head of Business Relations is reelected every year at Chapter Meeting 3 and remaining members are chosen by The Head of Business Relations.

Recruitment of members is performed continuously, with the main recruitment during the autumn. Contact us through our Facebook page or e-mail ARMA at if you’re interested to join us.

Talk show with Håkan Samuelsson 2017, Volvo Cars CEO