An official is a person elected at a chapter meeting who is to perform a specific assignment in
the chapter. There are many different positions for officials, and it is possible to create new ones based on the interests that exist. A complete list of officials can be found in Praxis under the “Poster” list.


Being an official is a big responsibility. If you find a position that you are interested in then you can canditate for it during the appropriate chapter meeting. At the chapter meeting you go up on stage and introduce yourself to the whole chapter and explain why you are the right person for this position. Usually there are several people applying for the same position, with the best candidate being voted on. If the chapter chooses you, you should feel incredibly honored and happy to have been given this chance. A job well done that has shown commitment increases the chances that you will be able to get a bigger job in the future!


Information about each position is presented in detail in Praxis under the “Poster” tab. Tip is to read in the post you want to apply for and talk to previous people who have had it to be as prepared as possible. The largest official posts are elected during chapter meeting 3, which is held in October. The majority of all positions are applied for during chapter meeting 4, which is held in December. For exact information regarding your particular post, read Praxis again.


Working as an official is very fun. You get great freedom and the opportunity to make the position yours! After completing the year as an official, you should be involved in choosing the new person during its chapter meeting to be able to give your insight into how the position should be handled and perhaps even for your opinion on who seems to fit. Then it is important that you as an official emeritus give the new person a good handover so that it will be as easy as possible for them to get started quickly.

Sångledare och Vice Sångledare

Every year is concluded with a Funkisgasque (Officials Gasque) with the intention to honor all the work that the officials have done that year. It is incredibly fun!

Funkisgasquen – The Great Gasque