A phadder works during the reception and ensures that the nØllan (the new recruits) get the best possible start in their education. The reception engages around 150 members each year, and is the single largest event organized by the Aerospace chapter. This is a big party and almost no one misses this event!

To become a Phadder, the application is made through the head of reception during the spring. This process is managed in different ways depending on who leads the project, where there is nothing standardized. The structure of how phadder-ship is structured can also vary depending on the year. And so it is they who lead the reception (pheuset) who give out the information required for you to know what applies. Therefore, the tip is to surf to the Aerospace chapter’s various Facebook groups or websites where you will probably find what you need to know.

The reception is always held at the end of August and lasts for 5 weeks. As a Phadder, your biggest job is to take care of the nØllan and make sure they have fun and feel appreciated. If you do your job WELL, these people will want to join the Aerospace chapter and want to be Phadder next year (positive circle).

We at the Aerospace chapter are a big family and take care of everyone who wants to be a part of us, we do not judge anyone! Our absolute motto is LOVE and COMMUNITY and that is exactly what we as Phaddrar want you to radiate! That’s your big goal; have a lot of fun, be happy and positive and make sure that nØllan has at least as much fun as you! As a Phadder you will have a lot of responsibility but this is paid for with incredibly fun times. You can basically experience the reception again, but from the best side!

There are a couple of different types of Phaddrar that will always be available during each reception. These are:

  • Phaddern – is the most common form. Here you belong to a nølle group and are meant to take care of the nØllan who belong to this group. You work under Ahn-Phaddern.

The phadder is characterized by wearing a B-frack(tailcoat) and a phadder shirt.

  • Ahn-Phaddern – are group leaders over each nØlle group and are those with the highest order when Pheuset is not in place. There are usually a total of about 6 (depending on the number of groups). In order to be appointed Ahn-Phadder, they participate in a recruitment earlier in the year where Pheuset selects the candidates they deem fit.

Ahn-Phaddern is characterized by his captain’s armband which he wears on the outside of his B-frack.

  • Ahs-Phaddern – is an member who has been a Phadder in some form, three full years or has been part of a Pheus one year. This means that you have been involved so much that you have started to get a little bitter and therefore get the title as “Ahs”. This is an honorary title and indicates that you have a lot of experience around reception. They therefore gets great freedom to move around during the reception and should be available as support where needed!

Ahs-Phaddern is characterized by looking overweight and very old!

NOTE: Some years other forms are added and it is what Pheuset says that year that applies.