To become a member of the Aerospace Chapter, you need to be actively studying Vehicle Engineering or one of the masters that are connected to Vehicle/Aerospace Engineering. If that’s the case, you will automatically become a member of the Aerospace chapter as soon as you join the Student Union at KTH (THS – Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår).

PLEASE NOTE – In order to become a student member of THS, you need to have an active course registration at KTH. If you are only admitted to a course, but not registered, then it is not sufficient. You can check your registrations here.

As a KTH student, you may become a member by following the “My Pages” button in the top right corner, or the left side bar of this page.

A few reasons to become a member of THS:

  • Eligibility to sign up at SSSB, the joint housing queue for all student unions in Stockholm.
  • 5 SEK discount on Restaurant Nymble’s lunch menu.
  • Free entrance to the after-exam pubs at Nymble (reg. price 150 SEK)
  • 5% Discount on office supplies at Kårbokhandeln.
  • Rent premises cheaper in Nymble & Osqvik.
  • Participate in THS and/or Chapter activities.

Price: 365 SEK
Duration: Payments after July 1st are valid until September 30th the next year. Payments before July 1st are valid until September 30th of the current year.

There are two types of memberships, the student membership and the supporting membership. Please note that it is only the student membership that comes with benefits. The supporting membership is a donation to the Student Union.

You can read about the terms and conditions for each membership here.