T-Centralen is the chapter hall of the Aerospace Chapter. It is here we spend the majority of our time when we are not attending lectures or sleeping. In our dear T-Centralen there is room to study, eat lunch, party, relax, play some ball or beer pong and almost(but not really) parachute.

T-Centralen is also called TC but should not be confused with the more densely trafficked TC. T-Centralen holds a big spot in every member’s heart and should be treated with love and respect. The official with the highest level of responsibility for this premises is the Head of Chapter Hall and is also the person one should contact if you want to book TC for an event. T-Centralen has a long and interesting history that each member should be aware of, below you will find a small part, the rest you will need to ask an older student about!

History of the T-Centralen

The History of our T-Centralen starts in december 1974 when the Aerospace Chapter, thanks to professor Fritz Hjelte, attained a chapter premises (then T-32). In the spring of 1990 it became clear that T-Centralen was to move down to what was then known as T-12. A committee was founded and they managed to get a sponsorship by a large company out of Södertälje. The move occurred during the summer of 1990.

In the autumn of 1994 the Aerospace Chapter moved into its new home by the pants leg (Osquars Backe 29). The plot outside was immediately named the Airstrip (Phlügplatsen) and the necessary white markings were drawn. A committee had been assembled barely a year before and they managed to once again get a sponsorship from, among others, the large company from Södertälje. Due needing to be evicted in the near future out of Osquars Backe 16, KTH also pitched in. This was since KTH was going to be rebuilding this place into a library in the near future. The entire furnishing was therefore made to be movable, as opposed to how it was in T-Centralen in T-12.

In the autumn of 1999 it was time to move again. As the building of the library commenced, the chapter was sent far away from the northeastern corner of Borggården. The chapter’s new home was to be the surveying house in the old locale L11. The new T-Centralen was built January-February 2000 in the same style it was inaugurated in 1994 and became very beautiful. Arquen was placed in a very prominent position and appeared even more as a battleship than she was. Panels and the front of a Scania truck was according to tradition placed on the walls and general vehicle decorations were hung from the ceiling.

In the Spring of 2002 it was time once again, this time to a permanent address. Drottning Kristinas Väg 29. At the same time we moved in with the doctoral students’ chapter. The building used to be the Office Shed, and before that the Osqavia Hangar, named after the airplane Osqavia. Now our ceilings were even higher. The meeting rooms for the board were large and useful, with almost adequate levels of heat in the summer. Large windows and lots of space made it immediately feel like home. The panel from the old T-Centralen was reused and the premises maintained a similar look to what it was before. Arquen sails northwest these days. 

In our T-Centralen every chapter member can find what they need such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and good company. As is proper, the chapter hall of the Aerospace Chapter contains an original Arlanda notice board to lead our dear members to the correct classroom during the day and to the correct drink during the night. T-Centralen is under the vigilant protection of our Head of Chapter Hall and their loyal helpers in the National Qurling Team. In Arquen, the chapter’s pub unit works.