The Aerospace Chapter is the Chapter for you who studies Vehicle Engineering at KTH or a master programme connected to the programme.

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Your benefits

Here are some of the benefits that you have as an member in the Aerospace Chapter and THS:

In addition to receiving all these benefits, you support the Aerospace Chapter, THS and helps the students who actively works to enhance the student life at KTH.

Get involved?

Great that you have found your way here! Maybe that means that you are eager to get involved in any of the positions of the chapter? There are a lot of different things you can sink your teeth into! You can get involved in any of the elected Official posts, maybe you prefer to stand behind the bar as a member of KFK or have you got a fun idea that you yourself want to make a reality? There is something for everyone! Below we have gathered information about what you can get involved in and how you should go about being elected or recruited. Well met!

Elected Officials

An official is a person elected by the chapter at a chapter meeting who is tasked to perform a specific task in the chapter. There are many different positions held by elected officials, and it is possible to create new ones based on the interests that exist. A complete list of existing officials can be found in Praxis. Read More here…


FARMEN is the Aerospace Chapter’s labor market unit. They maintain contact with companies and are the chapter’s connection to working life during their studies. This is a smart move for your career and important for the Aerospace Chapter’s future! Read More here…


KFK is the Aerospace Chapter’s bar unit. They maintain and work in the bar and run the bar under the leadership of the Club Masters. As a member here, you work under KBM and get the opportunity to participate in lots of fun events that only these members get to experience!  Read More here…


A Phadder works during the reception and ensures that nØllan (the first year students) get the best possible start to their education. The reception engages around 150 chapter members each year, and is the single largest event organized by the Aerospace Chapter. This is a big party and almost no one misses this event!   Read More here…

The National Qurling Team

The National Qurling Team are the ones who take care of our dear chapter hall T-Central, under the leadership of the Head of Chapter Hall. They clean and maintain and buy whatever is required to keep our chapter hall homely and in return can participate in thank you parties and get free coffee during study days! Totally worth it! 

Come up with something of your own?

There is always an opportunity to try something that hasn’t been done before! If you, for example, want to organize a party, create a club or maybe even travel abroad, it’s always possible as long as you want to and can take responsibility to see it through. How do you begin? Read More here…

Is studying taking a toll on you?

Hi, glad you found your way here!

How are you actually?

It is important to ask yourself that question sometimes. As a student, you are under enormous pressure - From KTH, often around your financial situation, around study results, "Will I graduate ?!", maybe around friends, your accommodation etc.

All of these feelings and thoughts are super common among us students, and it's important to actually listen to what your body has to say. It's better to take a break from your studies, than to go into the wall and maybe never come back.

But! One thing you should know. You are never alone, neither about these feelings nor at the Aerospace Chapter. We take care of and care for each other!

Therefore, We want to urge you to get in touch with someone, if you ever feel stressed about the exam, sad that the relationship has ended or just want to talk.

l links:


We are happy to keep in touch with older members and are trying to create a better contact.

For you as an alumnus, the chapter organises an Alumni Pub every year for all alumni that we can reach out to. Right now the Chapter is having an hard time reach out ot to alumni who are not Kjölswyn. But with time we hope to be able to build some kind of e-mail register or Facebook group where we can gather all alumni.

If you wish you get in touch with the Chapter, feel free to send an e-mail to

If you wish to become an Guest Instagrammer on the Aerospace Chapter's Instagram, contact

Honored Kjölswyn!

The fastest way to get in contact with the chapter is by sending an e-mail to or The kulting is responsible for updating the Kjölswyn registry and acts as an alumni contact. Remember to contact us with your information for the registry regularly!

As a Kjölswyn you have the opportunity to attend the NØllegasque each year, get a newsletter each year about the latest news in the Chapter. As well as for the chance to attend the Alumni Dinner.

If you wish to become an Guest Instagrammer on the Aerospace Chapter’s Instagram, contact