All the pubs are closed due to the current curcuimstances.

On Campus there are almost as many student pubs as there are chapters.

These pubs are open during the weekdays with the exception of Monday. Here is the usual schedule:

Monday: Everything is closed 🙁 Consider taking bus 4 towards Odenplan and Sveavägen to find cheap pubs!

Tuesday: Konsulatet(Fysik)

Wednesday: META(Data) – Hardox(Bergs) – Byggeriet(IsB)

Thursday: Tolvan(Elektro&MiT) – META(Media) – Gråttan(CL&W) – Byggeriet(Arkitekt) – oaSen(Sam)

Friday: T-Centralen(Flyg) – Draget(Kemi) – Smörjis(Maskin) – Idyllen(Indek) – oaSen(Sam)((Paycheck weekends)) – Nymble(THS)