The board is the highest deciding instance within the Flight Chapter, that decides on the events that concern the future of the Chapter. The board consists of the President, Vice-President, Cash, Secretary and 4 board members. These posts gets filled by the members of the Flight Chapter, at Chapter Meeting 3. The Board of 2021 consists of:


Leads the Chapter’s ongoing activities and ensures that this is conducted in a statutory and otherwise satisfactory manner. Responsible for the execution of the Chapter Meeting’s decisions and has the overall responsibility for the Chapter’s activities and compiles its annual report. The president also represents the Chapter at The President Council of the Union.

Niklas Carlbaum


The Vice President assists the President with the management of the Board and acts as President when he is unable to attend. In addition to this, the Vice President also leads the management group and convenes the management group’s meetings.

Linnéa Sellerholm


Responsible for that the Chapter’s finances goes together. The treasurer, together with the responsible person (when there is one), signs separately, all other accounts that are within the section’s sphere of activity and are not signed by a Chapter function (e.g. Head of the Bar).

Patrik ter Vehn


Writes protocols at Chapter- and Boardmeetings and looks after that meeting notices are sent out according to the statues. The secretary also handles and updates the Kjölswynsregister.

Carolina Barreira


The Board Members are helpful to the Board and works in a developing manner for the Chapter. Their work is mainly decided by the Business Plan. They expand the Board’s view of the Chapter in discussions.

Conny Yu, Elin Henriksson, Erik Anderberg, Thomas Almhagen