The Flight Chapter

What is the Flight Chapter?

The Flight Chapter is the chapter for students studying at the bachelor’s program in vehicle technology engineering or at any of the designated master programs. The chapter is a part of THS, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår which is the Student’s Union at KTH. We co-live with the PhD Chapter in our chapter venue T-Centralen at Drottnings Kristinas väg 29. The Flight Chapter is an amazing community and there is wide range of things do to and partake in within the chapter. Within the chapter there exists elected officials tasked with leading the chapter, making sure that the students are doing well and that the chapter is a welcoming and inclusive association, as well as arranging memorable events, helping the members to connect with future possible employers and so much more.

The chapter is also a physical meeting place, as the chapter hall T-Centralen (TC) is a perfect place for studying, eating lunch, going to pubs and other fun events, spending time with friends and classmates, attending meetings and meeting new people. Togehter through the chapter, all the active members contribute to making the time at KTH as fun and special as possible!

What type of activites can members partake in?

There is a multitude of different events and activities available to chapter members. At Flyg (short for the Swedish word Flygsektionen) we have pubs every Friday in our chapter venue but occasionally there will be pubs on other days of the week as well. The pubs will usually have some type of theme and our bar is one of the largest you’ll find at campus. During the weekends we sometimes have something called a gasque. During a gasque everyone is seated and will sing songs and eat a three course meal. The songs can be found in the chapter’s song book, which can be bought at the bar. Although most of the songs are sung in Swedish, it can still be a lot of fun to attend a gasque! Sometimes a simpler version of a gasque is held and that is called a sillis. A sillis is usually done during a weekday as an After Work event. During a sillis you’re still seated and sing songs but it’s a more relaxed setting and you eat herring with bread and potatoes (sill = herring). Other types of events are held as well, for instance things such as game nights, movie nights, companies hosting pubs or informational meetings, different types of fairs, fika and many others things as well. When being an active member within the different organs of the chapter there are even more events available. This could be anything from riding Gokarts to going on and AW with a company, or cooking dinner togehter at T-Centralen. As a KTH student you can also join communities and attend events outside of the chapter. Through the student union THS, you can find many exciting associations and projects. There are also larger events which includes students from more than one chapter and even other schools, such as Quarnevalen and Valborgspubrundan. In conclusion, there is something for everyone and a fun time awaits you at KTH!

How does one get involved?

An important first step is to join the chapter. To become a member of the Flight Chapter you join THS. Becoming a member includes several perks. You get to vote during the chapter meetings, you can book the chapter hall, you can become an elected official within the chapter, get acces to the SSSB housing queue, be allowed entry to the chapter’s pubs and much more. Read more about joining THS at their website.

More information about THS

Link to the student union

What happens next? Four time every year we have our chapter meetings. During these meetings we elect members to the different roles we have in the chapter and we handle submitted motions through discussions and voting. Being elected to a chapter role is one of the many ways to become an active member in the chapter. Most of the major roles recruit more chapter members into a team. In said team there are more roles one can apply for. These roles however do not come with as much responsibilities as the major roles and these positions are filled during a special period called ”The Recriutment Weeks”. There are other ways to become more active in the chapter and it is not necessary to have a role. For instance, everyone is welcome to work in the bar, no previous experience required! Many event organizers will appreciate any additional help and it is of course possible to come up with something new that you want to do/create/arrange. The chapter has many cool traditions which active members will get to be a part of. All of the fun things happening in the near future is available in the chapter’s event calendar. Subscribe to it so that you don’t miss out on any fun events!